About the Southern Northern Beaches Peninsula Precinct

Which schools form the Southern Northern Beaches Peninsula Precinct?

St Paul’s 91直播 College, Manly
St Mary’s 91直播 Primary School, Manly
St Kieran’s 91直播 Primary School, Manly Vale
St Cecilia’s 91直播 Primary School, Balgowlah
St John the Baptist 91直播 Primary School, Freshwater

91直播 Schools Broken Bay (CSBB) is part of a system of schools and opportunities to engage with other neighbouring CSBB schools (Forestville, Davidson, Narraweena, Dee Why, Collaroy) will be strengthened as we progress the work and opportunities for students. We provide 91直播 Education for all families, not education for 91直播s. All families are welcome to be part of CSBB.

What is the vision for the schools and the region?

Our commitment is to deliver an authentic professional 91直播 Education with care and compassion. Our mission is to inspire hearts and minds to know Christ, love learning and be the best they can be.

In our faith-based learning environment, we believe every student has the potential to flourish, embracing core values of faith, joy, witness, courage, and compassion. With a focus on continuous learning improvement, our dedicated, professional, and passionate teaching staff are the driving force behind our vision.

The approach is future-focused and innovative, tailored to meet the evolving needs of our families. Through the creation of improved contemporary facilities and enriched learning experiences, we aim to provide benefits to all students across our schools.

Our vision extends beyond individual success to encompass a clear Pre-12 pathway and retention for every student and family in the region. Together, we form a dynamic community of schools that share resources, best practices, and specialties within the precinct. This collaborative spirit fosters opportunities for continuous learning and growth, creating an environment where we not only learn from but also with each other.

In this visionary landscape, we are shaping not just students but future leaders. Join us on this extraordinary journey where education is not just a destination but a limitless expedition toward excellence.

The transformation of the Northern Beaches Precinct begins with St. Paul’s 91直播 College, Manly undergoing a strategic transition to co-education by the year 2025. This transformation includes planning a new uniform design, establishing a distinctive branding identity, and progression of a Stage 1 building program.

In addition, transportation solutions for the wider area and a strong inter-school connection initiate the establishment of a seamless Pre-K to 12 pathway.

Improved learning opportunities with an emphasis on Stage 3 will enrich our student’s educational journey from primary into secondary school. Join us at one of our Open Days in 2024 or read more to learn about the future-focused initiatives.

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